Soulful - Continental Divan Sets by Mattsons

Dive deep into the luxurious realm of restful sleep with the ‘Soulful’ continental bed, from Sweden’s oldest bed manufacturer, Mattsons. This premium quality bed encapsulates Mattsons' relentless pursuit of perfection, with its unique combination of warmth, support, and opulence. The Soulful bed boasts a unique filling material layering, and this innovative arrangement guarantees that every inch of your body is cradled in comfort, ensuring a rejuvenating night's sleep every time. This advanced spring system is designed to offer an immediate response, ensuring optimal spinal alignment and support. It promises not just a place to rest, but an experience of supreme comfort, timeless design, and impeccable craftsmanship.

Exploring the Essence of the Soulful Mattress:

  • Layers of Bliss: The mattress indulges you with layer upon layer of GOTS organic cotton, New Zealand Tokowool, sturdy flax, and the delicate finesse of MCC™ horsehair from South America. This intricate layering ensures a well-balanced sleeping environment, perfectly modulated for warmth, comfort, and support.

  • Dual Spring Delight: Just like its sibling, the Pure, the Soulful mattress is equipped with two pocket spring systems. The 13cm regular pocket springs provide foundational support. In contrast, the 5.5cm soft X-Pocket springs, crafted with a precise 1.35mm gauge wire, give the Soulful its signature feel – a delicate balance between gentle embrace and firm support.

  • Reinforced Craftsmanship: For those who demand an added layer of stability, the mattress corners are reinforced with durable coconut coir fibre and flax. This not only enhances the structural integrity of the mattress but also ensures a snug fit within the bed frame.

Deep Dive into the Soulful Base:

  • Foundation of Purity and Strength: Anchoring the Soulful is the 12cm Swedish slow-grown pine frame. Recognized for its unparalleled durability and rich aesthetic, this base ensures a steadfast foundation for your restful nights.

  • Nature’s Protective Embrace: The pine frame is gently enveloped by a layer of GOTS organic cotton. This serves as a protective shield, preserving the wood’s natural beauty while introducing a preliminary layer of softness.

  • Responsive Support System: A set of 13cm Swedish tempered pocket springs sits atop the pine foundation. Expertly crafted to adapt to your every move, these springs offer a buoyant and balanced support that promises an undisturbed sleep.

  • Symphony of Natural Comfort: Amplifying the bed’s luxurious feel is the interwoven tapestry of GOTS organic cotton, warm New Zealand Tokowool, resilient flax, and sumptuously fine-spun horsehair. These layers come together harmoniously, promising a cloud-like embrace every time you lie down.

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