Customer Care Commitment


Hatfields will always acknowledge our customers concerns and requests. We will listen and act on these issues accordingly.

Hatfields will treat our customers, as we would wish to be treated ourselves.

Hatfields will endeavour by all means possible to resolve issues within an acceptable timescale.

Our service team are trained to be sympathetic and understanding to our customers, regardless of the level of the concern.

Hatfields will listen and take appropriate action to all customer care issues in a courteous, helpful manner.

We are dedicated to providing excellent value and service to our customers.

The company mission statement of ‘Exceptional Service by Exceptional People’ ensures that our customers needs and wishes are dealt with to the highest standard.

We deliver our commitment to quality service through active co-operation with our suppliers, our staff and our customers.

We will work with skilled craftsmen and our suppliers to ensure a speedy and fair resolution to all our customers’ complaints and concerns.

We endeavour to give as much information as possible with regards to the issue that may have led to a standard of service that is not up to Hatfields’ expectations.