Sealy is the biggest bed brand in the world and has been steadily growing for over 100 years. We can trace our origins back to the late nineteenth century and the original cotton-filled mattress produced by Daniel Haynes in the town of Sealy, Texas.

In 2013 Sealy Inc merged with Tempur in the USA to create a company that operates in over 50 countries worldwide. Our beds and mattresses can be found everywhere from Canada to Japan, from Brazil to South America and from South Korea to here in the UK where we have operated for the last forty years.


Sealy Sleep Technologies


Sealy have developed some of the most innovative and technologically advanced materials and processes to actively improve the quality of sleep you get from our mattresses and beds.

Smart fibres are standard in the vast majority of our ranges, helping to keep your sleeping environment cool, fresh, dry and hypoallergenic. The natural “Purotex” addition to our mattress ticks has been endorsed by Allergy UK for the elimination of house dust mites (a common cause of asthma for some 5 million people in the UK and Ireland).

We also believe in a simple premise: That our bodies are not uniform so why should our mattresses be any different? Carefully developed “zoning” of our sleep systems give greater support where it is needed (such as the lumbar region) and are softer in other areas such as the hips, to help support and align the spine and reduce the usual aches and pains you can get from a mattress that lacks the profiling of a Sealy.


The Sealy Story


It’s hard to believe that a multi-national brand such as Sealy originated in the small town of Sealy, Texas just outside of Houston, where a cotton gin builder and operator by the name of Daniel Haynes responded to a request from a neighbour and built a cotton-filled mattress in 1881.

The product was so favourably received that Daniel Haynes began receiving more and more requests from neighbours and relatives. Encouraged by the response, Haynes invented a machine that compressed cotton for use in mattresses and received a patent for his invention in 1889.

The acceptance for the product grew beyond the local area in Texas and began to be referred to by customers in other regions of the country as the "mattress from Sealy".

In 1906, Haynes sold all of his patents and know-how to a Texas Company that took the name of Sealy. It was in this timeframe that a young advertising executive named Earl Edwards launched Sealy on the road to national prominence.

Edwards placed Sealy advertising in The Saturday Evening Post and Ladies Home Journal. Edwards ensured that Sealy registered its name, developed a trademark and gave Sealy the slogan "sleeping on a Sealy is like sleeping on a cloud".

Sealy United Kingdom operates under licence from Sealy Incorporated in North Carolina, USA. The company's success in the UK started in 1974, following the acquisition by the Silentnight Group of local bedding and furniture company M Hackney & Co, in Aspatria, Cumbria.