Parker Knoll

With over 130 years' experience behind them, you can feel confident when choosing Parker Knoll.

They carefully select high quality timber and fabrics to provide the ultimate in comfort and durability. At the same time, their highly skilled craftsmen use traditional upholstery methods and well-researched ergonomic designs. The result is a beautiful range of handmade sofas that offer maximum support, comfort and pleasure for many years to come.

Although their handcrafted furniture meets the highest standards, they ensure every sofa and armchair has a 25 year frame guarantee - just for your peace of mind.

Parker Knoll have a wide range of materials and designs to complement your home. Whether you're looking for something traditional or more contemporary, a suite or a recliner, they have a design to suit. When it comes to selecting your fabric, you may prefer to choose a damask, a jacquard, or a luxury chenille or velvet - it's completely up to you.

The story began in 1869 with an enthusiastic young furniture maker named Frederick Parker. After completing an apprenticeship at his father's furniture factory, Frederick set up his own chair making business. In a small room above his father's stables, he could be seen handcrafting the finest furniture for the Victorian gentry.

Frederick was convinced that the only way to produce fine furniture for contemporary use would be by studying the 'old masters'. So he bought a library of books on furniture from the 17th to the 19th centuries, together with carvings and textiles. He faithfully drew on these models and encouraged his craftsmen to acquire and develop traditional skills.

This approach proved successful. After several years, Frederick moved from his loft room to larger production facilities throughout the East End and North London and finally to High Wycombe in

Buckinghamshire in 1898. The company Frederick Parker and Sons Ltd was registered in 1904. Their handmade sofas and armchairs had a reputation for quality and excellence, just as they have today.

Looking forward Parker Knoll continue to keep up with the latest developments and regularly introduce new designs to suit the requirements of today's demanding consumer. Their newest innovation, SecureLift, offers comfort and exceptional safety, whilst still maintaining the high quality craftsmanship that Parker Knoll customers have come to expect.

Whether it's their updated and sumptuous fabric range, market leading designs, UK production sites, or just the love of beautiful handcrafted furniture; you know you can rely on Parker Knoll. Their traditional styling and collections will leave you spoilt for choice with its comfort, sumptuous fabrics, quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. In fact it's just what you'd expect from Parker Knoll.