Himolla promise ‘Quality made in Bavaria’ which has made this famous brand into one of Europe's biggest upholstered furniture manufacturers since it was established over 60 years ago. With a team of over 1000, Himolla produce over 1600 items of upholstered furniture every day.

Move gently into a relaxed, seating position with their fabric or leather reclining sofas and chairs. They offer relaxation, comfort and well-being with some models offering the additional support for your head and neck with the adjustable headrests.

Himolla must be tried to be appreciated. You will be amazed by how easy it is to find your perfect sofa and chairs with this innovative collection.

The Zerostress Function - TLC for backs

A graceful high backrest, combined with a stylish front, will always strike the right note. Especially as all our Zerostress suites with high backrests feature the famous integrated Zerostress function that allows you to slide effortlessly and smoothly from a sitting to a comfortable lying position.

But its talents don’t end there. Any of the seat pads can be separately adjusted so different users can enjoy the luxury of their own individual relax function. You can even choose one of two different seat firmness settings, for a perfect personal comfort experience.

Switch off. Lean back, unwind and de-stress. It’s why Zerostress is everyone’s favourite number.

The Cumuly Function - The ultimate snooze control!

Himolla aspire to provide you with ultimate relaxation with most of their models offering the Cumuly Function such as the two or three seater Rhine Collection. The Himolla Rhine is also available as a fixed sofa.

The Himolla Cumuly Function has an upward hinging footrest, movable backrest and flexible headrest. Light pressure is exerted by shifting the body weight back which causes the footrest to hinge upwards. The backrest is adjusted and fixed by pulling the release loop.