Dating back to 1840, Harrison Spinks is a fifth-generation family business based in Yorkshire, who today has over 600 people working with them, from farmers who rear their prize sheep to craftsmen and women who still sew, side-stitch and tuft every mattresses by hand.

Harrison Spinks are at the top of their field when it comes to bed-making, with luxury, innovation and quality as their philosophy. A premier manufacturer who use not only British-made materials for their luxurious beds, but also a wide range of natural materials from their own 300-acre farm which help to make up the 100% of natural fillings which go into each bed. Their 56-acre woodland is also located not far away from their Leeds factory.

The brand’s innovative and patented pocket spring system is also produced at the factory with the company drawing its own wire from 2014 to produce finer wire for advanced spring technology.

Harrison Spinks has recently been fortunate to feature on one of the nations favourite TV shows, INSIDE THE FACTORY, on BBC Two. During the episode, presenter, Gregg Wallace, visits the factory to see how Harrison Spinks unique mattresses are expertly crafted. Gregg’s co-presenter, Cherry Healy, visits the farm and British steel. Cherry also speaks to a sleep scientist for some top sleep advice. While, Ruth Goodman investigates the history of the pocket spring and duvets of the past.

Catch up with the episode on BBC iPlayer here >

The Harrison Spinks brand encompasses several brands within and we are proud to sell both Somnus and Hybed products in-store at Hatfields. The ranges also include bedsteads and headboards, alongside the award winning quality mattresses.

Hatfields also have our own range of beds, known as the ‘Backchoice’ collection. These beds are expertly handmade in Harrison Spinks’ factory to Hatfields’ own specification and design criteria. These beds also use an independent pocket spring system and house luxurious natural fillings to provide correct support. Read more about these superior beds and mattress here.

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