G Plan's roots go back as far as 1898 when Ebenezer Gomme, an enterprising furniture maker, established his first factory. Ebenezer's grandson, Donald Gomme, followed in his footsteps and from 1952 continued making furniture under the name of G Plan.

The journey from Ebenezer Gomme's factory to becoming the one of the UK's biggest upholstery manufacturers has been a long one. We've lived through a lot of changes. We've witnessed two World Wars, seen the introduction of TV and the mini skirt, the first man on the moon and the changing fashions from the Beatles to Britpop. Yet through it all G Plan have always had the same aim: to create beautiful furniture with a reputation for quality and comfort. That's one thing that will never change. All G Plan sofas and armchairs are crafted in the UK by skilled workers who use the best raw materials to create upholstery that will stand the test of time. They travel across the globe sourcing the best fabrics, including premium leathers that will keep your sofa looking beautiful for many years to come. They also ergonomically design each sofa to ensure the body is enveloped and supported.

As well as providing great design and comfort, G Plan offer an extensive wealth of choice to ensure your fabric or leather sofa complements your home and your lifestyle. They have more than 120 fabrics, 22 leathers and 16 ranges, as well as a selection of stunning sofa collections including ethos.